About Us

FisherSpacePenStore is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive catalog for both Fisher Space Pens and other unique Fisher branded products. FisherSpacePenStore is an official commerce site for VisionLink Group LLC, a product design and manufacturing company and official licensee of Fisher Space Pen Company.

We are dedicated to expanding the awareness of the Fisher brand and introducing new consumers to the wonderful products they make. We believe everybody on this planet earth should experience and own at least one Fisher Space Pen. Once tried, it may very well be the only pen you will ever want to write with. One thing is certain…..it will be the only pen that will write for you in virtually any environment, any surface…even under water and yes….even in outer space!

Other Fisher branded products like the new Space Beam exhibit the same sense of styling, purpose and usefulness that Mr. Paul Fisher, inventor and creator of the Fisher brand first pioneered back in 1948 with his original 400 Bullet pen. To this day, the Bullet remains the best selling Fisher pen.

We encourage you to browse the site, examine the products and experience how purchases made at FisherSpacePenStore.com will be delivered and perform to your expectations and complete satisfaction. We guarantee it.