Astronaut Space Pen w/ Commemorative Moon Landing Engraving

Astronaut Space Pen w/ Commemorative Moon Landing Engraving

Part Number: AG7-11

Original AG7 Astronaut Pen with fine, detailed engraving depicting the Apollo landing craft Eagle 1, touching down on the surface of the moon. Any space enthusiast will want to own this model. A lasting and everyday useful tool that will remind you of that historic day when the world heard the words.....".Houston, Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed" All metal with side button mechanism. Contains a #SPR4 Black Ink, Medium Point Pressurized Fisher Refill.

The design and construction of this pen has not changed in 40 years. The pen you buy today is exactly the same as the one taken to the moon in 1969. It is a heavy pen and the weight rests reassuringly in your hand as you write. The AG7 series is made from solid brass with an extremely hard Chrome plating. It has a very positive and substantial feeling click mechanism. You press down on the top to extend the refill and press the side button to retract the refill. Its special design assures you that you'll always retract the point before you slide it into your pocket. It's constructed of all brass and steel components of the highest quality and is made in the USA.

All Astronaut Pens are attractively packaged in heavy duty gift boxes with flock lining and come with a pamphlet describing the history of the Fisher Space Pen.

AG7s are used on all NASA Apollo and Shuttle missions, ISS International Space Station, Russian Soyuz and MIR space flights, French ARIANE Space Program, Everest North Face Ski Expedition.

Length: 5.0" .375" Diameter
All Metal
Refill: Fisher Pressurized SPR4 Black Ink Medium Point 
Packaging: Gift Box with Astronaut Sleeve

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