Alan Shepard Telescoping Golf Pen

Alan Shepard Telescoping Golf Pen

Part Number: ASGP


Over 30 years ago, during the Apollo 14 Moon Mission, Alan Shepard spent 33 hours on the surface of the moon. At one point, Shepard pulled a six iron from his space suit, took aim, and proceeded to make one of the most famous golf shots in history. The Telescoping Space Pen features solid aluminum construction and a unique retraction mechanism.  Telecoping Space Pens Contain #SPR4 Black Ink, Medium Point Pressurized Fisher Refill.

Style: Pull to Extend Refill-Push to Retract
Finish: Smooth Matte Aluminum
Length: 4.75" (105mm) Pen, 3.90" (105mm) Closed
Refill: Fisher SPR4 Black Ink  Medium Point
Packaging: Gift Box

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